Convert a Bedroom to an Ensuite Bathroom on Greville Rd Kenilworth

Convert a Bedroom to an Ensuite bathroom on Greville Road Kenilworth The owners of the house wanted to change the original front smaller bedroom into an ensuite bathroom for the master bedroom. To achieve this, the door way from the small bedroom to hallway would need to be closed. A door way from the master bedroom to the new ensuite would need to be created.

Before and After of Fitted Ensuite Bathroom on Greville Road Kenilworth

Below are the floor plan layout to the original small bedroom and the floor plan for the new created ensuite.

Bedroom Floor Plan Greville Road Kenilworth

Fitted Ensuite Bathroom Floor Plan Greville Road Kenilworth

The original small bedroom room size is a good space for an ensuite with the length of the room at 212cm and the width is 191cm. The position of the window and the doorway into the master bedroom dictated the best layout of the ensuite.

Images of the Bedrooms before the ensuite is fitted

The image below is of the smaller bedroom that is to be converted to the ensuite bathroom.

Bedroom before the ensuite renovation greville road Kenilworth

The image below is of the wall in the master bedroom where the doorway to the ensuite is to be cut out, fitted with a door frame and door.
Master Bedroom before the ensuite renovation greville road Kenilworth

Ensuite Stage 1

The room has no hot and cold water feeds or waste pipes for the bath, basin and toilet. The first stage is to run a soil pipe from the new location of the toilet to the existing soil outlet which is outside of the room. Then we need to take a hot and cold water feed to the room.

The two images below show the new soil pipe running from the downstairs cloak room along the wall into the ceiling space between the ground and upper floor to the ensuite toilet location

Connect ensuite bathroom toilet to soil stack

Connect toilet pipe to existing cloakroom soil pipe

Ensuite Stage 2

The next stage is to cut out the doorway from the master bedroom into the ensuite and remove plaster from the walls, remove any plaster board.

Doorway cut into master bedroom wall into ensuite bathroom

Doorway cut from ensuite bathroom wall into master bedroom

Wall between hallway and ensuite bathroom removed

Ensuite Stage 3

With the waste pipe and water feed in place, doorway cut out into the master bedroom, the next stage is to build the studded way between the ensuite and hallway and plaster board all the ensuite bathroom walls.

Build studded wall in ensuite bathroom and plaster board

Plaster board ensuite bathroom walls

Ensuite Stage 4

Fit the bath, carry out the first seal to the bath wall and then begin to tile the ensuite bathroom walls.

Tile ensuite bathroom walls

Fully tiled ensuite bathroom walls

Ensuite bathroom walls tiled with British ceramic tile Roundhay grey

Items fitted in Ensuite Bathroom

  • Wall tile British Ceramic Tile Round Hay Grey
  • Floor tile British Ceramic Tile BCT47162 Insignia White Floor
  • Toilet and Basin Tavistock Match Gloss Clay Toilet and Basin 1000mm wide
  • Tavistock Solace basin mixer and bath filler
  • Tavistock Quantum Thermostatic dual head shower
  • Trojan Cast Elite solo straight square ended bath 1700 x 700mm
  • 1600mm high by 500mm wide chrome towel warmer.

Video of the Bedroom and Finally Ensuite

Ensuite Bathroom Completed

The bath is an ultra-strong bath made by Trojan plastics. It is a Trojan cast bath which gives it great strength. It is the Elite solo straight bath square ended, 1700mm long by 700mm wide.
Trojan Cast Elite solo straight square ended bath 1700 x 700mm

The basin and toilet unit is a combined toilet and basin vanity unit. The toilet pan is the back to wall Tavistock Structure toilet pan. The vanity unit is the Tavistock Match unit in gloss clay.

Tavistock Match Vanity Basin in Gloss Clay with a Tavistock Structure Toilet Pan in Gloss Clay

The basin tap and bath fitter tap are the Tavistock Solace water fall effect taps.
Tavistock Solace basin mixer tap

Tavistock Solace bath filler tap

The shower is a Tavistock Thermostatic wall mounted shower. The model is the Quantum shower with dual head including the rain effect head and remote shower head.

Tavistock Quantum Thermostatic dual head shower

Bathroom led mirror cabinet

The wall and floor tile were supplied by British ceramic tiles.
The Wall tile British Ceramic Tile Round Hay Grey. The floor tile is BCT47162 Insignia White Floor tile.

Wall tile British Ceramic Tile Round Hay Grey BCT47162 Insignia White Floor

The finishing touches including the toilet roll holder, wall mounted toilet brush and shower screen Squeegee wiper are from the Haceka Kosmos range.

Haceka Kosmos Toilet Roll Holder Chrome 1121427

Haceka Kosmos Wall Mounted Toilet Brush Holder 1112111

Haceka Kosmos Shower Squeegee With Wall Mount Chrome 1116140

We fitted three led down lights in the ceiling and a wall extractor fan.

Bathroom ceiling led down lights

Bathroom wall extractor fan

The work was carried out by Earlsdon Bathrooms, high quailty bathroom fitters Kenilworth.