Bathroom with Separate Toilet Opened into Large Bathroom

This bathroom renovation started with a plan of combining two rooms, a bathroom and a separate toilet room into one large bathroom.

The original bathroom measurement is 270cm long by 170cm wide. Within this space is a airing cupboard taking up roughly 80cm by 80cm.

The original toilet room measurement is 170cm long by 70cm wide.

Removing the dividing wall between the bathroom and toilet created a much larger bathroom measuring 258cm wide and 270cm long. This space now allows for a bath, separate shower enclosure and a wall of fitted bathroom storage furniture. Below are the two bathroom designs. The original design and the new design.

Bathroom with separate bathroom and toilet

Large Bathroom with bath and separate shower enclosure

Originally there were two door entrances, one into the bathroom the second door for the toilet. The three images below show the two door areas before the work began, the same area after the bathroom and toilet dividing wall was removed, and finally when the bathroom was complete and the the toilet door closed and plastered.

Bathroom and toilet with two separate entrances and doors

Bathroom and toilet dividing wall removed

Bathroom door removed opening closed and new created wall plastered

Bathroom before the work was carried out

Bathroom renovation with bathroom removed and back to brick

Bathroom renovation on completion of the bathroom refit

Images of the completed bathroom

Bathroom fitted with grey bathroom fitted furniture

Bathroom in Coventry fitted with quadrant shower enclosure

New Fitted Bathroom in Coventry

Bathroom with ceiling extractor fitted over the shower area of the bathroom

Shower enclosure 100cm by 80cm in bathroom

Bathroom led ceiling lights

Bathroom with bath and shower Coventry

Video of the completed bathroom